About Me

credits to: Kittine Mayo 

Hello! It's funny how I'm never quite sure of what to write about myself despite the fact that I'm an aspiring writer who loves writing poems, reviews, opinions, and now a blogger. I've been blogging since 2011 on my first blog A Palette Full of Colors and Words but became inactive towards the end of 2012 due to some personal reasons. I started my first blog back when I was still in Brunei but now I'm currently residing and continuing my studies here in the Philippines. I stopped blogging for a year or so mainly because I was busy with life and I just couldn't fit blogging and school together however, I started blogging again in the year 2014 where I was finally able to juggle school-time and blogging. I was active until the month of September but had a hiatus until came March of 2015 where I posted my first blog-post of the year and from then, swore to stay active in blogging and by doing so, I also decided to redesign my blog for a more minimalist look.

My blog-posts range from celebrities, to fashion, to food, to games, and sometimes, bits and pieces of my life which I share to all of my readers. I also post some of my literary works here which are mostly poems because right now, I'm into writing them. My goals in life are to be an editor-in-chief of a magazine, high-fashion model, stylist, or a VJ. But if a day comes when I'll be known for blogging, then I'll be just as happy and fulfilled.

Thank you for visiting this page in my blog. I hope I can inspire you guys to be fearless when it comes to writing. Join me as I write through my journey in life.

Cheers and God bless.

Andrea Santos