Sunday, January 24, 2016

They say chivalry is dead but my blog sure ain't!

If you lol'ed at my post title- you the real MVP :))

HI GUYSSSSSSSSS :D This is just a short update- or announcement rather- to let you all know that I'm still alive and so is my blog. I know I keep leaving you guys on air and I'm sorry :( I know I went on a bazillion hiatuses since last year so please please pleaseeeeeeeee forgive me. It's just that school got more hectic than ever that's why I had no time to update my blog whatsoever but don't you guys worry!! 

I'LL BE BLOGGING REGULARLY AGAIN STARTING NEXT WEEK! Are you all excited??! Cause I definitely am :D :D :D

Aaaand I'll also start uploading my YouTube videos the following week so make sure you stay tuned for that. I can't thank you all enough for supporting me after all this time and I'll be forever grateful :x If I could only hug you all, I would ;))

I love you Poppeeeeeeeeers!! Oh and, here's two selfies of me in case you guys missed forgot how I look like:

Ciao for now!