Mujer Triple Whitening Soap Review

Photo-grab from Mujer Mechandise's official Facebook page. Photo adjustment and enhancement by yours truly.

Before I write a lengthy sorry-I've-been-missing-in-action-for-a-month note, let me share with you a new product that I'm going gaga over...

Mujer's Triple Whitening Soap! :D If you're not an avid reader of my skincare reviews or if you're a new reader, I'll tell you right here and now that I have a semi-obsession with whitening products- soaps mainly. Why, you may ask? Good question. You see, when I was in my 4th year high-school, we had this weekly CAT (Citizen Army Training) where most of the activities were held outside in the scorching sun and as a result, I became tanner and had uneven skin-tone which is not a pretty good sight. Only when I was about to start college that I became conscious in taking care of my skin and so, I purchased various whitening soaps in hopes of recovering my original skin-tone. Thus, I developed the said semi-obsession hahaha :))

Anyway, let's get on with the review! ;)

It is tightly sealed in a clear plastic wrapper with a label sticker containing its ingredients, weight and distributor name/whereabouts.

I can't quite distinguish its smell as its scent is different than all the other whitening soaps I've tried before but it does not smell overpowering- for me, at least. 

Net weight
A generous 135g as stated in the label sticker.

Color & Shape
Neon pink in color and rectangular in shape. 

It's very firm and does not deform easily even if it comes in contact with water several times.

Does not melt easily compared to other soaps with the similar net weight.

There are only 3 ingredients disclosed in the label sticker as you can see in the picture above: Gluta, Kojic and Placenta.

I used this soap for a month and I can testify that it really did whiten my skin. Especially when I'm out under natural lighting. It's safe to say that I saw visible effects after a week's use and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a whitening soap that works its magic fast! This soap did not disappoint me. Thank you Mujer! :D 

Product details:
Price: P120 

The review above is based solely from my own experience and unbiased opinions. I wasn't paid to write a review about this therefore, all written judgement above are purely from thorough observation and honest opinions. This is a sponsored product but that does NOT mean that I sugarcoated my review just to make the product sound better than it actually is. Always remember that we have different skin-types and effectivity may vary from one person to another so take my opinion with a grain of salt. You may purchase and see for yourself, thank you.


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