Review: Sugar Queen's Sugar Wax & Aloe + Tea Tree Soothing Gel

Hey guys! Here's my blog review for Sugar Queen's products. I've posted a brief review of this on Instagram before but since I've revamped my feed (again :))), the content can no longer be found but hey! I blog all of my instagram mini reviews anyway so you have nothing to worry about ;)

Date of use: June 17, 2015

Sugar Honey Wax
Inclusive of: 200g Honey Wax and instruction booklet

  1. Scoop out a blob of wax from the container using your finger or spoon.
  2. Dust light powder or cornstarch on the area you wish to wax and spread it evenly. The powder/cornstarch is used so that the wax will adhere properly to the hair and protect the upper layer of the skin.
  3. Knead for at least 10-20 seconds then spread on the area you wish to wax in the same direction of the hair growth.
  4. Pull the wax in the opposite direction of the hair. Continue to spread and quick-pull until no more hair is seen then discard the blob after using
  5. Once you're done, apply aloe soothing gel to heal redness. DO NOT WASH WITH WATER YET as pores may still be open and washing it will only cause unwanted chicken skin.

Claims vs. Results
  • Removes hair down to the roots: Yes!!
  • Softer and finer body hair: Yep, when the tiny hair grew on my pits again it was noticeably softer :))
  • Exfoliates and lightens: Err...I can't say much about its exfoliation efficacy as I haven't observed that department yet but yes, it did lighten my underarms =))
  • Diminished hair growth: Yup, the rate of my underarm's hair growth slowed down
  • Reduce skin damage: Yes it did

If you're looking for an affordable but painless hair-waxing alternative, then this product is definitely for you! Going to a salon or spa will burn a hole in your wallet with their hair-waxing services but this blob in a tub will take your hair-waxing experience to a whole new level. Plus, it's very thrifty and can be stored easily in your refrigerator for future use. Just make sure not to eat it because it smells reallyyyyyyyyy good.

Ratings: 4/5

Product details
Price: P200 for the Honey wax and P120 for the Aloe + Tea Tree Soothing Gel

The review above is based solely from my own experience and unbiased opinions. I wasn't paid to write a review about this therefore, all written judgement above are purely from thorough observation and honest opinions. This is a sponsored product but that does NOT mean that I sugarcoated my review just to make the product sound better than it actually is. Purchase and see for yourself, thank you.


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