Social Media Personalities Who Aspire to Inspire: Maine Mendoza

image from Maine Mendoza's Facebook profile

She may have the looks of a beauty queen but that's not the reason as to why she managed to capture the hearts of a million online viewers. Maine Mendoza now dubbed as the "Dubsmash Queen", paved her way through internet fame when her Dubsmash videos impersonating the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino and other popular vines went viral after she uploaded them on her Facebook profile. Since then, she continued uploading Dubsmash videos and even compiled them which now garnered thousands of views and likes daily. But behind all the crazy facial expressions and antics, lies a not-so crazy side of Maine. Think you know her just by watching her videos? Well, think again.

A: What motivated you to post your videos publicly on the internet?
M: I have known the Dubsmash application long before the whole world discovered it. I’ve been making videos since then but for some reason I never really dared posting them online; but since various Dubsmash videos started circulating all over the net, I finally had the guts to share mine. I decided to upload my videos on Facebook only for the reason that I wanted to share the entertainment to my friends– to everyone, rather.

Truth be told, I find my videos entertaining; turns out, people did too! In all honesty, I did not expect my videos to reach hundreds of thousands of views. (Even millions on some!) I can still remember being oh-so happy when my first video reached a thousand views in just an hour; not knowing it will reach a million hits in a day. Amazeballs, right? People have also been messaging me and telling me that my videos bring such good vibes and laughter. And the mere fact that I am making them laugh/happy is enough for me to continue making and sharing my videos.

A: Who is Maine Mendoza behind the camera?
M: Here goes the misconception; people (especially those who have seen all of my videos) may think that I am crazy person– behind the camera. Going through comments and messages like “You must be really funny!” “Your friends are lucky to have a funny friend like you” “Your friends must be always having a good time when you’re around” etc. always always always got me thinking “Nope, not really.” I might be fond of making ugly faces in front of the camera but that does not really make me “a fun person to be with”. To clear things up, I am not a “funny” person– in person. (to some extent, maybe) The only thing that makes me “amusing” has got be my facial expressions– and maybe some of my cheap cracks. (Tee hee!)

I also actually consider myself as an introvert in some way; I don’t like getting along with a bunch of people and most times, I prefer being alone. My friends and my family are the only ones who can say that I am weird and lunatic because they are the only people who get to see the real me. (Well, before) Still, there are times wherein I couldn’t help but you know.. be mad as a hatter.. in public.  *wink* 

A: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
M: My parents used to ask me this question before all the f r e a k i n g time, and until now I still cannot seem to figure out what to respond to it; maybe because I am still in the midst of puzzling out what I really want to do and what I want to become. (sucks, I know) People might ask “..but you took up Culinary Arts in college, don’t you want to be a chef?” Nope. Frankly, cooking has never really been my passion; I mean, after spending three years in the kitchen I can finally conclude that culinary track is not for me to take. “..but why did you choose that course?” maybe because I want to learn something else; I want to learn how to cook, I want to be good at cooking and (as much as I hate to admit) I still had no idea on what I want to do with my life at that time. Sadly.

But right now I think I am finally getting my sh*t together– hopefully! So going back to the question, let’s just say.. in five years time, I see myself as someone who knows what she loves, loves what she does and someone has vivid plans for the future.

A: Who is your inspiration?
M: I am inspired by those people who are not ashamed to express who they really are. Especially those who are not embarrassed to show the world their ‘crazy’ side. I think some people are naturally hilarious but for whatever reason, it seems like they are not proud of it; they conceal that side of them and it shouldn’t be that way. I mean it’s some kind of a talent that not everyone can acquire. If people say you are weird and crazy, accept that title!

A: What would you like to tell others who are aspiring to achieve their dreams?
M: You work hard for it. As the popular saying goes, hindi lahat ng gusto mo makukuha mo. But let me add something to that.. Hindi lahat ng gusto mo makukuha mo ng basta-basta. Most times, it takes a lot of hard work to get something done or perhaps to achieve something; and if you are eager to attain your dreams, you won’t ever give up no matter how long and how hard it would take. Go for the gold!

Truth to be told, I didn't think I'd actually get the chance to interview Maine as I concluded that she might be busy but I was so happy when she replied to my message! :D I had a rush reading her answers and I was really taken by surprise because I expected her to give out jestful answers but she took it very seriously and just by reading it, I could feel that it was genuine and pure. Thank you so much Maine! 

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  1. Omg sis! I love herrrr!! I am kinda jealous that you got to talk to her but wow she seems so humble and down to earth. I love how she can handle her fame well.

    And ps: ngayon ko lang nakita to hahaha!

    1. I love her too! Super funny ng facial expressions nya :D Yes, she is humble and down to Earth sis. She carries herself so well with grace.

  2. Your interview with Maine Mendoza is priceless because you made it before she became famous. Good Vibes...

    Your interview with Maine Mendoza is priceless. She's really an inspiration to everyone. You have done this interview before she become famous and whatever she has told you really deserves to achieve that gold. Good Vibes...

    1. Thank you. Yep, she deserves to be where she is right now :)

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