Monday, June 22, 2015

Social Media Personalities Who Aspire to Inspire: Maine Mendoza

image from Maine Mendoza's Facebook profile

She may have the looks of a beauty queen but that's not the reason as to why she managed to capture the hearts of a million online viewers. Maine Mendoza now dubbed as the "Dubsmash Queen", paved her way through internet fame when her Dubsmash videos impersonating the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino and other popular vines went viral after she uploaded them on her Facebook profile. Since then, she continued uploading Dubsmash videos and even compiled them which now garnered thousands of views and likes daily. But behind all the crazy facial expressions and antics, lies a not-so crazy side of Maine. Think you know her just by watching her videos? Well, think again.

A: What motivated you to post your videos publicly on the internet?
M: I have known the Dubsmash application long before the whole world discovered it. I’ve been making videos since then but for some reason I never really dared posting them online; but since various Dubsmash videos started circulating all over the net, I finally had the guts to share mine. I decided to upload my videos on Facebook only for the reason that I wanted to share the entertainment to my friends– to everyone, rather.

Truth be told, I find my videos entertaining; turns out, people did too! In all honesty, I did not expect my videos to reach hundreds of thousands of views. (Even millions on some!) I can still remember being oh-so happy when my first video reached a thousand views in just an hour; not knowing it will reach a million hits in a day. Amazeballs, right? People have also been messaging me and telling me that my videos bring such good vibes and laughter. And the mere fact that I am making them laugh/happy is enough for me to continue making and sharing my videos.

A: Who is Maine Mendoza behind the camera?
M: Here goes the misconception; people (especially those who have seen all of my videos) may think that I am crazy person– behind the camera. Going through comments and messages like “You must be really funny!” “Your friends are lucky to have a funny friend like you” “Your friends must be always having a good time when you’re around” etc. always always always got me thinking “Nope, not really.” I might be fond of making ugly faces in front of the camera but that does not really make me “a fun person to be with”. To clear things up, I am not a “funny” person– in person. (to some extent, maybe) The only thing that makes me “amusing” has got be my facial expressions– and maybe some of my cheap cracks. (Tee hee!)

I also actually consider myself as an introvert in some way; I don’t like getting along with a bunch of people and most times, I prefer being alone. My friends and my family are the only ones who can say that I am weird and lunatic because they are the only people who get to see the real me. (Well, before) Still, there are times wherein I couldn’t help but you know.. be mad as a hatter.. in public.  *wink* 

A: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
M: My parents used to ask me this question before all the f r e a k i n g time, and until now I still cannot seem to figure out what to respond to it; maybe because I am still in the midst of puzzling out what I really want to do and what I want to become. (sucks, I know) People might ask “..but you took up Culinary Arts in college, don’t you want to be a chef?” Nope. Frankly, cooking has never really been my passion; I mean, after spending three years in the kitchen I can finally conclude that culinary track is not for me to take. “..but why did you choose that course?” maybe because I want to learn something else; I want to learn how to cook, I want to be good at cooking and (as much as I hate to admit) I still had no idea on what I want to do with my life at that time. Sadly.

But right now I think I am finally getting my sh*t together– hopefully! So going back to the question, let’s just say.. in five years time, I see myself as someone who knows what she loves, loves what she does and someone has vivid plans for the future.

A: Who is your inspiration?
M: I am inspired by those people who are not ashamed to express who they really are. Especially those who are not embarrassed to show the world their ‘crazy’ side. I think some people are naturally hilarious but for whatever reason, it seems like they are not proud of it; they conceal that side of them and it shouldn’t be that way. I mean it’s some kind of a talent that not everyone can acquire. If people say you are weird and crazy, accept that title!

A: What would you like to tell others who are aspiring to achieve their dreams?
M: You work hard for it. As the popular saying goes, hindi lahat ng gusto mo makukuha mo. But let me add something to that.. Hindi lahat ng gusto mo makukuha mo ng basta-basta. Most times, it takes a lot of hard work to get something done or perhaps to achieve something; and if you are eager to attain your dreams, you won’t ever give up no matter how long and how hard it would take. Go for the gold!

Truth to be told, I didn't think I'd actually get the chance to interview Maine as I concluded that she might be busy but I was so happy when she replied to my message! :D I had a rush reading her answers and I was really taken by surprise because I expected her to give out jestful answers but she took it very seriously and just by reading it, I could feel that it was genuine and pure. Thank you so much Maine! 

Get in touch with Maine Mendoza:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dine à la Sailor at Giligan's Resto

Hi everyone! It's been ages since I last posted anything under the lifestyle category so here I am writing the latest "A Day in the Life of" blog-post just to keep you all updated with what's been happening in my life lately :) Read at your own risk though, food-porn heavy post ahead. You have been warned :))

Have you ever wanted to dine in a ship? It has always been one of my dreams to embark on a sea-sailing journey and dine while watching the sun go down. Well, guess what? I can totally do that without having to spend thousands of bucks or worry about being too faraway! I won't be embarking on a sea-sailing journey but in regards to dining, the experience is pretty much close. Last night, my family and I dined at my favorite restaurant that's best known for serving melt-in-your-mouth dishes with a one-of-a-kind nautical theme: Giligan's Restaurant :D This has been my favorite restaurant ever since my friend took me to lunch at their branch in Alabang Town Center. I can still clearly remember what my first ever order was and it was the Lechon Kawali which was part of their P99 Rice All You Can Meal Promo. The second time we went there, I ordered their Two-piece Fried Chicken which was also part of the P99 Meal Promo and up to this day, it remained as my favorite dish of theirs. Alright, enough with the trip down memory lane. Let's go through the pictures! 

Notice now happy I look when my food was served? :P

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Skincare Review: Natura Organics' Miracle Fluid

Hey skinbabes! :-h It's time for another skincare review and today, I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on Natura Organics' Miracle Fluid. I started using this baby since the day it was delivered to me because I was so excited to see its miraculous effects :D Okay, I'm gonna cut this intro short and proceed to my review.

Started using on: May 25, 2015

Normally I would reserve this space for my experience chronology/diary but since I didn't use this Miracle Fluid regularly, I decided to skip that and go straight to the pros and cons.

  • visible effects can be seen as early as 3 days! (based from my experience)
  • the bottle may seem small but the fluid is actually long-lasting
  • you only need a few drops per area (5 drops to be exact)
  • has multiple skin benefits
  • can be used in almost any part of your body
  • minimizes pores
  • lightens acne marks
  • reduces oiliness
  • prevents possible pimples from emerging
  • protects the face from future break-outs
  • gives your face a dewy finish and a healthy glow
  • helps eliminate facial lines

NONE!! <:-P <:-P <:-P

Like I said at the introduction, I've been using this miracle fluid ever since it arrived at our doorsteps and true enough, it really does miraculous effects! :D I saw the visible effects as early as 3 days and mind you, I don't use this for my face regularly because sometimes I get lazy or I fall asleep quickly but still, it managed to successfully deliver the results that it claimed! I am so loving this mini bottle of miracles! And about the smell? It doesn't bother me much because it smelled just like it should, like an ointment or therapeutic oil. I was skeptical about this first because I thought the process would take much longer but it didn't. I never believed in anything a label claimed until I tried this out. Definitely a must-try and must-have! ;)

Ratings: 5/5 =D> =D> =D>

About Natura Organics' Miracle Fluid
Price: please inquire Natura Organics for the price since this was just given to me for review :)

The review above is based solely from my own experience and unbiased opinions. I wasn't paid to write a review about this therefore, all written judgement above are purely from careful observation and honest opinions.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1st Anniversary Blog Giveaway!!

Hi poppers! I'm overjoyed to tell you guys that I will be hosting my blog's 1st anniversary giveaway yay!! :D It's a way of saying thanks to you guys for your unending support and love throughout my whole blogging journey. Sadly, this giveaway is not open internationally but don't you guys worry! I love my international readers as much that's why I'll be having another giveaway this year as soon as I've saved enough money so you'll have the chance to participate next time ;)

As for my local readers, here's how you can join:

  • This giveaway is held through Instagram so if you want to participate, make sure you are following me to repost the picture
  • You can repost the picture as much as you like. The more you repost, the higher the chances are for you to win
  • The winner will be picked via an online randomizer
  • Deadline of entries will be on June 30
  • Announcement of the winner will be on July 2
  • Don't forget to like and follow the sponsor's page
  • Make sure you repost with the right captions in order for your entry to be counted
  • Don't forget to tag me! I'll be commenting on your reposted pictures to validate your entry :)

That's it guys! I hope you will support me on this giveaway and thank you sooooooooo much for a year of love and support. It's been an amazing journey with you all and I wouldn't be having this giveaway if it weren't for you guys. Thank you for believing in me. The exact date of my blog's anniversary is on June 12 but I decided to host the giveaway earlier so that everyone will get the chance.

Thankful and sending you all the love. Good luck and God bless! :x

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Big announcement! Launching Confessions of an Ambitious Girl

Hi poppers! I have some exciting announcement for you guys :D But first, let's talk about Confessions of an Ambitious Girl (COAAG).
What is Confessions of an Ambitious Girl?
Confessions of an Ambitious Girl (COAAG) is a movement empowering the ambitious girl to embrace and enhance their purpose through identifying the confessions of their lives that fuel their dreams.

By creating events, programs, apparel and entertainment for women across the world whose desire is to turn their confessions into pursuable dreams, we are setting a new and effective trend!
-from COAAG's website
You can head over to their website by clicking here to know more about their video campaign and how you can join the sisterhood. Alright, time for my big announcement!
I'm very pleased and honored to announce to you guys that I will be COAAG's newest Beauty Blogger! <:-P I'm sooooooo excited to start posting all about beauty on their website but don't you guys worry, I'll still be blogging here ;)
Stay tuned for the full launch of COAAG's website. Thank you for dropping by guys. Have a great day :)
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Skincare Review: Natura Organics' Tea Tree Soap

Hello lovelies! :-h I'm back with another skincare review and this time, I will be giving my initial thoughts on Natura Organics' Tea Tree Soap. Sis Jaimee from Natura Organics sent me a loot bag consisting of their tea tree soap, miracle fluid, and a sample of rosehip soap (I will be reviewing the latter two mentioned on separate posts). I've been using their tea tree soap ever since the day it arrived because I wanted to get rid quickly of the blackheads on my nose, whiteheads on my chin, and acne marks. Here's a timeline of my experience with their soap:

Started using on: May 25, 2015

Day 1
My face feels refreshed after the first wash. When I patted my face dry, I noticed that my skin felt smooth.

Day 5
I'm not sure if this soap contains any ingredient that's supposed to make your face brighter, but mine did. It also shrank some existing pimples on my face and my skin is noticeably smooth and soft afterwards.

After 1 week
I noticed that it prevented future pimples from emerging. Blackheads on my nose lessened and my face got brighter! :D This might have something to do with the miracle fluid (because I've been using it along with this one) but either way I love the effect. Existing pimples started to become unnoticeable.

Day 11
My face became even smoother. Pores started to shrink and acne marks around my nose started to fade. 

After 2 weeks
Dry and scaly patches of skin on the sides of my cheek disappeared. Blackheads on my nose can barely be seen. Whiteheads on my chin lessened in amount. Face became smoother and softer than ever :)

  • soap is very firm. does not deform easily :-bd
  • soap doesn't melt easily (I use this twice daily and my Dad uses it too :D)
  • I loooooveeeeeee the texture of the soap! 
  • smells like menthol tea :D
  • cooling and refreshing to the face
  • I love their simple package and the fact that it's handwoven in paper wrapping :D
  • visible results can easily be seen in a few days 
  • delivers result within the desired time-frame ;)

NONE!! <:-P <:-P <:-P

I've been using this soap on my face for 3 weeks now and ta-dah! It's still alive and sitting safely on the soap dish in our bathroom :D I'm very impressed with the effectivity of this soap and how it managed to successfully deliver results within the expected time-frame. Kudos to Natura Organics for producing a wonderful soap that really does wonders on your skin! And shout-out to Sis Jaimee for her generosity, trust, and kindness in me. May your business continue to prosper and more power! =D> =D> =D>

Ratings: 5/5 <:-P

About Natura Organics' Tea Tree Soap
Price: P149

The review above is based solely from my own experience and unbiased opinions. I wasn't paid to write a review about this therefore, all written judgement above are purely from careful observation and honest opinions.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Skincare review: Faith.Hope.Lovesoap's 15in1 soap

The soap after cutting slices from it for each shower

Hi guys! :-h This is my first skincare review and today, I'm going to review Faith.Hope.Lovesoap's Intense Whitening 15-in-1 soap. So how did I discover this oh-so-pretty soap? To be honest, I can't quite recall exactly how I came across FHL but all I remember was that I was viewing pages after pages of bloggers in Instagram when I eventually ended up at Faith.Hope.Lovesoap's page. I was so intrigued by their beautifully crafted organic products that I scrolled further below to know the variants of soap that they have and its benefits. It was hard choosing which one to give a go when they all looked pretty and had promising results. Finally, I decided on settling with their colorful bar of soap also called the Intense Whitening 15-in-1 soap. I immediately contacted the seller and wouldn't you know it, she was really friendly and accommodating! Not only that, she answers all your queries and even recommends the most suitable soap for your skin type. Aside from that, she is also very generous! I told her that I wanted to buy the 15-in-1 soap but she insisted on giving me each a slice of honey oatmeal soap, aloe soap, and kojic love soap to try :D So much love for ate Vanessa :x Not only that, she also offered that she could ship the products first for me to pay after but I refused because I was soooooo shy :"> That just shows how generous and kind she is. I gave her my shipping details, paid the next day, and waited excitedly like a little kid waiting for her Christmas present :)) 

Finally, the parcel arrived at our house and I hurriedly opened it to take pictures as proof of a successful transaction. I unwrapped the 15-in-1 soap first, cut out a slice, and tried it during my night shower that day. Here's a timeline of my experience with the soap:

Started using on: May 20, 2015

Day 1
I applied it all over my body and then on my face (Sis Vanessa warned me that she does not suggest using this for the face as this may be a bit strong and more of a body soap but I tried it anyway), leaving it for 3 minutes and 1 minute respectively. I washed the soap off and the first thing I felt was a mild stinging sensation on my face which was completely tolerable and then my body which felt smooth and instantly had that lightening effect.

Day 3 (with Honey Oatmeal soap)
I started using the 15-in-1 soap along with the honey oatmeal soap to help moisturize my skin as it can be a bit drying. I still used it on my face (leaving it for less than a minute because the stinging increases the longer you leave it on) only this time with the honey oatmeal soap to cut down the stinging sensation but after washing it off, it only made the stinging sensation worse and my face felt like it was burning :-( My skin continued to lighten gradually. I guess I can say that I'm not "hiyang" with the honey oatmeal soap or it's just the purging stage (after all, it is my first time trying an organic product).

Day 5 (with Aloe soap)
I stopped using the honey oatmeal soap and tried on their aloe soap next. I loved it! :x :x :x The aloe soap was a great combination with the 15-in-1 soap. While you're lightening your skin, you're also giving it the moisture that it needs all at the same time! :D I was very satisfied with the after-effect of both soaps and used it religiously. However, there was still a stinging sensation on some mild and sensitive body areas. My face still felt that stinging sensation but not as strong as the previous ones. Skin continued to lighten gradually but not drastically. I stopped cutting slices of the 15-in-1 soap because I was getting lazy they don't melt easily anyway.

After 1 week
I stopped using the 15-in-1 soap on my face but continued using the aloe soap after developing light red spots on my face (possibly from the stinging sensation huhu). Experienced micropeeling. My mom noticed and commented that my skin did lighten and according to her "anak, pumuputi ka!" :)) Went out and noticed how my skin is lighter under natural lighting. Dark spots were lightened and can barely be pointed out. My thighs got whiter! :D Gradually lightened my skin after each shower but the process was a bit slow.

Day 11
Aloe soap bid farewell to me thus leaving me alone with the 15-in-1 soap. I started using a new soap for my face (will review about this soon ;)), continued using the 15-in-1 soap for my body aaaaaaaaaaaaand yay! NO MORE STINGING SENSATION :D =D> I used to avoid mild and sensitive skin areas when I'm using the 15-in-1 soap for fear of the stinging sensation but, I gained the courage to try and put it again all over my body and ta-dah! No more stinging sensation :D I was soooooo happy that finally, my body got used and familiarized to it. I noticed that my elbows and knees lightened. However, there's still an uneven line in my arms even with the help of this soap :( 

After 2 weeks
The stinging sensation is gone for good, micropeeling and lightening of my skin continues although there's NO DRASTIC changes.

  • doesn't melt easily (I use this soap twice a day: daytime and nighttime) 
  • soap is very firm and doesn't deform easily when lathered with water
  • very lathery
  • has a nice smell (I can't pinpoint the scent but it's obviously a mixture of a lot of things hence the name)
  • label is informative
  • eliminates and dries out small pimples and bacne
  • micropeel after a few days
  • lightens your skin GRADUALLY not instantly
  • the color is very pretty (reminds me of Katy Perry hahaha :)))
  • super cute engraving :x

  • stings sensitive and mild skin/body areas the first few days
  • drying when used in the face
  • a bit drying due to the micropeel
  • smell wears off quickly
  • no drastic changes in terms of WHITENING
  • lightening process is a bit slow (you need to be patient when using this soap to see the visible results)
I've been using this soap for 2 weeks now and I did see how it gradually lightened and improved my skin tone. The lightening process was slow in delivering the overall desired result however, it did lighten minimal dark spot and areas faster such as my elbows and knees. You can actually see the results of this soap when under natural lighting. I noticed that my thighs got impressively whiter and so did my arms. The skin tone on my arms is still uneven but I believe that with continued usage of this soap, it will eventually give me the effects that I wish to achieve. 

Ratings: 3.5/5

About FHL's 15-in-1 soap
Price: P110

The review above is based solely from my own experience and unbiased opinions. I wasn't paid nor was I sponsored to write a review about this therefore, all written judgement above are purely from careful observation and honest opinions.

Blogger's note: Originally, the label claimed that you can "see results in just 5 days!" but sister Vanessa told me that she dropped it already thus, I did not react about it because it will just be uncorrelated :)

Reminder: This soap may or may not work for you depending on your skin type. Always ask recommendations from the seller regarding their most suitable products for your skin needs :) 

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