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30 Things You Can Do for Yourself in a Day

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Sometimes, there are days in our life when we feel unfulfilled and unproductive. It's like everyday has become a routine and the actions you do on a daily basis becomes unsurprising. As time passes, day by day feels more and more usual. Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling uninspired? Lack of spark and enthusiasm to get you through the day because you know you'll be doing the same routine over again. You have the energy to do all the necessary work but it's not enough to completely brighten up your day and put you in a positive disposition. If you ever felt like this, maybe all you need is a day for yourself. It's no magic really. You can cheer yourself up all by yourself just by doing the things you love and longed to do. That's it. Just simply have a day for yourself. Start making time for yourself and focus on your happiness before others. After all, it's just ONE day. And with that, I've come up with 30 things you can do for yourself in a day:

Whether it's a story book, a novel, fan-fiction, non-fiction, or literary; everyone enjoys a good read. Reading is important because not only will you gain knowledge but it will feed your mind as well. Reading has a lot of benefits and I think this is one of the things that has no downside to it.

Take a selfie, take a group picture, take a picture of the love of your life, take a picture of nature, take a picture of a jump-shot, take a picture with your pet, in fact take all kinds of picture. It doesn't matter what kind of pictures you take as long as seeing it makes you happy and it's something you'd want to reminisce about in the future. 

Feeling bored? You can watch movies online for free. Check out Primewire for heaps of free movie.

There's no better way to treat your body than by doing a regular exercise. It won't only help you stay fit but it will keep you healthy as well. Who says exercising has to be hard? You can start doing a simple exercise with the basics they taught you in Phys Ed at school. A little exercise goes a long way ;)

When you write a poem, you are expressing your feelings and sharing your past experiences with others. This is great because not only will it serve as an outlet for you but you'll also be able to touch others' heart through writing. Time to bring out the artsy side in you.

Don't have time to go to the library or the bookstore? No worries because you can always read books online for free! And the best thing is that you can download it in your mobile from the play-store and open the app anytime you want to read a book :D

The above picture shows the homepage of the popular online role-playing game Poptropica. If you're looking for a fun game filled with short adventures and interaction with other players, then this game is for you. I'll be talking more about Poptropica this week in my series Queen Jaw Popper Plays. On the other hand, if this isn't a game of your liking, you can try playing other online games from hundreds of websites out there. Check out Y8, they have a collection of games in different categories.

There's nothing wrong with making yourself feel good and there's nothing absurd with complimenting yourself every once in a while. Whether or not you've achieved something or accomplished a goal, saying a few kind words to yourself will help put you in a better mood. Go on, compliment yourself. Don't wait for others to do it. Love your own.

This is a great way to improve your interpersonal communication skills and prepare you for a future presentation. This will also help you overcome speech anxiety and discomfort with talking to a large group of people.

Who else here watched Legally Blonde? :)) Well, Elle totally did the right thing to get a mani-pedi when she had a bad day. A quick trip to your nearby salon or nail-spa for a mani-pedi will give you an instant cheering up! ;)

You don't have to stick to a particular style for the rest of your life. Life is too short to wear the same style over and over again so go ahead and experiment. If you feel like wearing all-black, go ahead and do so. Feel like wearing a colorful getup? No one's stopping you. You can rock anything you want and own it :D

Life won't be exciting if you don't take risks and why not start with something you love the most? Foods. Eating the same type of food over and over again can diminish the taste and lessen your excitement. Go and try to eat something you've never had before and who knows, you might develop a new favorite food? :D

If you can't dance to save your life don't worry, you're not alone because I can't dance to save my life either :)) But wouldn't you know it I just really love to dance. Even if I'm not skilled when it comes to dancing, who cares??? I enjoy doing it and it makes me happy. Don't be afraid to try and learn new dance moves because this is another form of expressing what you feel and what mood you're in so dance away :)

Have you ever wanted to sing a song but never did because you fear you might fail in singing it anyway? So have I. But here's my advice to you: go and sing any song that you like and scream at the top of your lungs because YOU CAN. 

You don't have to cook a complicated recipe, making your own pancakes will do or even cooking your own breakfast can make you feel better about yourself. Cooking might even turn out to be a hobby once you try it :)

Take an extra 30 minute or hour in the bathroom. Have a bubble bath. Listen to a relaxing music while you bath or better yet, drink a glass of wine or champagne. Read a magazine, buy bath bombs or just simply lay there and think about life.

I'm not even gonna go through into details and explanation. It's important period.

Connect with God and read His word. When you read the Holy Bible, you're feeding your soul. Treat the Bible as a daily bread and use it as your guide in life. All the answers to your questions in life are written inside the Bible. If you're looking for the truth, open the Bible and you'll find it there. Don't just simply read but understand and apply it in your life as well.

Thanks to YouTube, I found a super helpful video for making homemade ice-cream WITHOUT an ICE-CREAM MACHINE and by only using 2 INGREDIENTS. Check out my favorite chef, Gemma Stafford's tutorial on Bigger Bolder Baking to create your own summer-perfect homemade ice-cream :-bd

A little shopping never hurt anybody ;) And if you're low on budget (like me :))), you can always go thrift shopping or more commonly known as "ukay-ukay" if you want to buy good items at affordable prices. Plus, some of the finds on thrift shops are a real bargain! :D

Time to bring out the musical side in you and unleash your inner Taylor Swift. If a heart-break can get her millions, so can you!

Try out different letter-forms or just simply polish your handwriting. It's easier to put your thoughts into words with a neat handwriting plus, your teacher will love you.

source: Lost Picnic

Have a date all by yourself. Set up a picnic for yourself near a lake or where the scenery's picture-perfect. Time to eat outside while enjoying the view of nature.

Search for tutorials on how to play the guitar on YouTube. Who knows? You might turn out pretty good in it.

It's been proven that sleeping with socks on will help you get a better sleep and lessen your tossing and turning in bed. Now you can enjoy a deep sleep without getting any interruptions.

source: Steffi Zie

Because "clean" feeds are the trend right now. Check out Steffi Zie's instagram feed right here if you want an idea of how a clean feed looks like.

Get rid of clothes that barely fit you anymore. You can either donate them or sell them. Bingo! Problem solved.

Improve your make-up skills or just have fun and experiment with different make-up looks. This is one of the reasons why being a girl is awesome! ;)

Why? Because you don't need anyone else to do it for you. With or without occasions, make a card for yourself. 

source: Flowers HD

It's a nice gesture to let yourself know that you appreciate and love yourself. It doesn't have to be an expensive bouquet, even a rose will do.

That's it guys! Sorry for the lengthy post and my lack of blogging. I'm still a bit busy right now with packing our stuff and everything.

Thanks for reading poppers! God bless :x

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