Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Microwavable Cakes? :O

Warning! series of food porn ahead. Read at your own risk >:)

Forgive me for this post guys but I just HAD to write this. Sooooo do you guys know what a mug cake is?

Gingerbread mug cake from http://www.justputzing.com/2011/12/gingerbread-mug-cake-egg-less.html. Check it out :)
If you don't, well I'm pretty sure now you have an idea of what they are just judging from the name lol :)) A mug cake is just like a normal cake except that the recipe's much easier and you don't actually bake it........you put it inside the microwave to make it. Sounds yummy interesting right?

Because school just ended and summer is starting to kick in, I've spent most (and by that I mean 24/7) of my time at eating, sleeping and watching baking videos on Youtube. My previous obsession was watching videos of no-bake foods and now my current obsession is watching mug-cake tutorials on Youtube. There are A LOT of really simple and easy-to-do mug cake recipes but my personal favorite is from Gemma Stafford from her Bigger, Bolder, Baking episode.

I watched this video more than once because I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful and mouth-watering mug-cakes I was so fascinated at how she made the recipe sooo simple yet the outcome was just like any other cake only microwaved. Gemma also has other mug-cake tutorials on her channel, feel free to browse her videos like I did. I had a lot of fun watching her do these simple recipes and I decided that I would try them soon and yes I'll be definitely blogging about it so stay tuned!

Here are her other mug-cake recipes:

Oh, before I forget; Gemma has other baking tutorial videos on her channel and I have yet to watch those because right now I'm really into her mug-cakes and I'm no baker hahaha :))

Do check out her channel guys and stay tuned for my next blog post. Thanks for reading! Spread the love :x

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Blog Renovation 2015 Part 2

Hello everyone! The About Me section is up for viewing and you can click it on the right sidebar to get to know more about me if you haven't already ;) 

Isn't this great? After my very long "hiatus", I decided to give my blog a make-over because:

  1. It's 2015 and my girly and floral blog design was so last year.
  2. My very purple blog design didn't reflect my personality anymore and I was worried that some people might get the wrong impression because of it so goodbye Barney blog design.
  3. My blog header picture was taken way before I redyed, had a cellophane and Brazilian blowout done to my hair and so I changed it to a newer and better picture :D
All in all, my blog looks more matured and fit for a 17 year-old blogger than my previous purple-everything blog design. I also did some minor changes and took away some widgets because I am going for a more simple yet classy blog look and I THINK I did pretty well. I'm trying to keep my blog design as simple and as me as possible so here's what you get :)

I hope you guys like my new blog design. Tell me what you think okay? Also, keep checking back because I have lots of new blog posts lined up for you guys so keep checking back once in a while. God bless everyone :* 

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Blog Renovation 2015

Hi guys! :D this is the surprise I'm talking about. Major change from my very feminine and purple template from last time right? Anyways I will continue to update later because my little sister needs to use the PC.

I hope you guys like the new blog design! Check back later lovely readers :x

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Anyone here likes surprises?

Hi guys! :) I'm still here and the reason I haven't been blogging is because I'm about to do something big with my blog. A pretty big change since it's already 2015. 

Stay tuned for my blog surprise! Check back tomorrow guys :D

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Queen Jaw Popper is ALIVE!

Hi guys! I'm still alive and this blog is not yet dead because I'm blogging again so technically speaking it's revived :D so ha! I saved your life blog of mine hahaha :))
I don't even know where to begin but all I know is I have a major explaining to do to you guys. Sorry for being away for a really long time but ta-dah! I'm back :D
Keep checking back guys. I'll be posting more in the following days to come. Spread the love! :x

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