Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ate Leona's Farewell Party

*Slams face on keyboard and screen and flips everything and lies on the floor in fetal position*

A lot of things has happened in my life these past few days. Some were the usual and except for the prelims/typhoon incident, there was a big one that happened just last week.

Some of you may know my cousin slash sister slash BFF for life Ate Leona (or as I fondly call her Ate Babes) because I've mentioned her in one of my posts before. I don't know if I have ever said this before (but I'm pretty sure I did) but the two of us are very very close and by that I mean like literally you can't separate us unless really needed. We do everything together and we share similar hobbies and interests from clothes, food, accessories, make-up, music etc. We even already have our future planned out together like which country to go to first after I graduate, places to visit, create our own business and many more. I don't have an elder sister so I am truly blessed to have her in my life because she makes me feel like I already have one. :)

Judging from the title, you can already guess what this post will be about. Yes, my cousin is leaving......to Brunei. The place where I spent 6 years of my life while she's here waiting for us to return every 2 years. And now, she's going there to work for a year or 2 and it's my turn to wait for her. I admit it's hard. I'm going to miss her so much and even though I don't see her often while she was still here because I live quite a distance from their place, it's a different feeling knowing that's she's going far far away where I can't visit her any time I want to :( the irony. It's like being in a parallel universe or something. She left for Brunei last Sunday so we had her farewell party the day before.

Pictures from her party. Our last day of happiness and togetherness *sighs:

I miss you my dear sister! :(( till we see each other again. Good luck and God bless on your endeavors in Brunei. I love you and please take care of yourself. I'll always be here for you. I'm just a Skype away always remember that :-* :x

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Back after 100 years

Hi guys! :-h Y'all must be thinking "wtf why the sudden blog post after neglecting your blog for ages...." I know I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so so so super sorrrryy!! I have several explanations as to why I've neglected my blog for such a long time and I feel so ashamed and guilty for only writing this now. First of all, if you're from the Philippines you'll know that Typhoon Glenda had hit most cities like Cavite. If you're not from here and you have no idea what's happening to the world lately then I suggest you Google this up, read articles because it's always a good thing to be updated on the current events and occurrences of the world :-B Also, it can save lives. Just sayin :) As I was saying our area had been hit badly by the Typhoon and we had no electricity nor water for 3 days or so. It was a very difficult time for everyone and the situation just made it much more harder. During those times I was just at home with my family anxious and thinking about school and my loved ones. Cell signals were unstable, internet was down and it was impossible to go out and look for a charging station as the wind was powerful that it blew off several trees and roofs :-S fortunately our roof wasn't blown away and despite the situation at the time, my family and I stayed together and I'm proud of everyone else who stayed strong during the typhoon. On the brighter side we get to spend quality time together since all our gadgets were dead :)) it was very hard sleeping for more than 3 days without electricity but I thank God for his mercy upon us and for being with us through it all. Truly The Philippines is one heck of a strong country. :D
When the electricity and water came back, the internet was still down for a week so there was no way I could get updated on the social web and I was getting nervous at the time as our prelims were due within that week! :-SS I couldn't text my classmates as there was still no cell signal so all I did was wait and review. Luckily, when classes resumed the next day it was announced that they have moved the prelims the following week after. Whew! #:-S we've just finished our prelims on Filipino yesterday and tomorrow we'll be having our prelims on Communication Arts English soo wish me luck guys ;)
Thanks for staying by and reading my blog. I love you all and God bless! <3
Here's a selfie in case you guys missed my face lol kidding! =))
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I never went to my promenade

Okay so a few years back only then I realized that prom is short for promenade. And when I found out I'm like "oh so that's where it came from!". When I was a kid, I used to watch Disney movies (who doesn't?) and then when I was in my early teens I started watching sweet flicks. The usual one where the girl falls for the popular guy in school and in the end, the guy asks the girl out for a date or to prom and they hit it off eventually. Not to mention the female antagonists in the movies, well done ladies :) sooooo after wasting 2-4 years of my life watching sweet flicks occasionally, I started thinking when I'll actually get asked out by a guy........to prom. Or when I'll have my prom. Everything about it just seems so grand and fabulous. Getting made up, being princess for a night, dancing till your feet falls off (lol jk :))), wearing princessy Cinderella dresses and spending time with your friends. Doesn't that sound amazing? plus the winning food and drinks! :D so much win one spectacular night. Those girls in the movies who went to their prom had the time of their lives. What about me? When will I actually be able to put on the most stunning dress and be royal for a night? When will I have my prom? The answer was clear: nope not happening.

This is the first time I'm actually confessing it to the public and in the net. That's right, I never experienced prom in high-school. Y'all must be shocked (or not maybe you guys don't care at all) and wondering why I never went to my prom. Simple. I was in Brunei during my junior year and went back to the Philippines to continue my senior year. And unfortunately, the school only organizes their prom every 2 years and bad-luck me got enrolled the year after they had their prom :-S which means they'll be having their prom the following year only without me coz I'll be graduating by then. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??! :(( DO. YOU. GUYS. FEEL. ME? =(( I so envy my younger brother (11 months gap) who gets to experience prom and he doesn't even appreciate it "-__- I wish we could trade places *sighs.

And because I'm sad and still a bit not over the fact that I never experienced prom, I spend most of my time searching for prom dresses on Google and then imagining away how I'd look like in those dresses. My top 3 favorites:

It looks sooooooooooo enchantingly gorgeous!! =P~

It has a Greek goddess feel to it. Where can I find one?? :-O

I love the hot pink gradient at the bottom. Brilliant ombre right there ;) wish I can wear one like this 8->

To my readers who had their prom....you guys are super lucky and to those who are like me, at least we didn't spend tons of money right? ;) lololol :))

hope you guys enjoyed this. I'll be celebrating as classes are suspended tomorrow due to Typhoon Glenda <:-P keep safe everyone :-*

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Selfie Sunday

Sorry sorry sorry sorry soooooooooooooorrryyyyyyyyyyy!! :'( I am so sorry for only blogging now and deserting my blog for a looooooooooooong time. Sad to say I've been busy busy busy with a lot of schoolwork and to top that, prelims are coming up so I'll be busier than ever :-/ I just wanna let you guys know that I'm still alive and so is this blog and I won't be abandoning it......just ermm gonna go for a short hiatus. But I will make it up to you guys once I'm free again hehe :D Anyways here is how my Sunday went. As usual we went to church and the church we attend every Sunday is CCF Bacoor (I believe Team Kramer also goes to the same church only in a different location. Yes, CCF has a lot of extension centers and branches) btw, CCF stands for Christ Commission Fellowship. It is located at VCentral Mall Molino and you are more than welcome to join us in getting to know and worshiping God every Sunday O:-)
That's pretty much how my day went today. Here you go, selfies to complete this post hahaha :))

with my lil sissy Nicole or as we fondly call her Minmin! :D :-*

That's all the selfies I took for today guys believe it or not :> thank you to everyone who reads my blog even if the blogger is very much a lazy-ass and always busy hahaha :)) you guys rockkk!! \m/ bye now :x

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Monday, July 7, 2014


Hi guys! :-h Okay so I feel really inspired lately and just a while ago (literally), I logged on into Facebook and checked my notifications and *drum-roll*.........................MY CRUSH ACCEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST. Omg omg omg! *hyperventilates :)) I'm not gonna mention his name though the only hint I will give you is that he goes to my school and he plays for the university's basketball team :D oh and he's also adjudged as NCAA's Most Improved Player so good luck guessing hahaha :) I have a huge huge admiration and feeling towards him. I'm like fan-girling over him most of the time and spazzing a lot lol :))
It's very unlikely for him to read this but S, I really really like you a lot :x I am now your biggest fan =D>
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Marvellous Surprise!

Retrica for dramatic B&W effect lol :))

Okay this deserves a spot in my blog. Today was one of the best days ever because someone gave me a chocolate out of the blue and it really made me happy :) honestly, I was very touched by the sweet gesture. My friend ate Giselle gave me this today and she made my day brighter! :D ate if you're reading this thank you thank you so much!! >:D< it's been a long time since I received a chocolate from a friend so I was delighted like a lil kid when the chocolate was handed to me 8-) to make things more special, it's my first time to eat Cadbury's Cookie Nut Crunch hahaha I usually just eat the Black Forest with the yummy red jelly inside so it's great that I get to try this! ;)

Just a small thank you post hehe. I love you te Giselle thanks again! :x

PS:If someone from the Cadbury company is reading this, please sponsor me chocolates hahaha =))

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturdate at KFC with Tropang Sabaw

As you guys know, every Saturday is our NSTP day (explained further on my previous post here) and yesterday was the first time we did an activity and a quiz. It went great actually :D the activity wasn't really an activity lol we just went to the field and did some exercise :)) and then that's it we're done and headed back to our classroom where (thankfully) the air-con was fixed and working yay! =D>
After dismissal, my friends and I went to KFC (yes! :D) to have our lunch there. And yes, I am still obsessed and on my KFC flavor shots spree hahaha =)) All the pics you see below are taken from Kittine's DSLR. Enjoy :)
Captured by Jvee! :D during our assembly slash flag ceremony

L-R:Frances, Bianca, Kuya Kim and Me! :D

with them! :x

another pic with Kuya Kim! :D I swear he's like the sweetest and kindest kuya ever. Not to mention, the best dancer I've ever met! =D>

inside the classroom lol :))

wacky shot #1! 

#TropangSabaw! :D

wacky shot #2! HAHAHA :))

Wacky shot #3 :P

Yes! Taken @KFC! :D

wacky shot #4! 

epic wacky shot #5 lololol =))

Black & white hehe :>

6th wacky shot! :D

ABC 1A :)

With Chrystel hahaha =)) 

we tried to be serious :P 

okay last pic and final wacky shot! Hahaha! :)) 

Judging from the photos above you can conclude that I had a lot of fun with my friends and we were just a happy and loud bunch of people lol :)) that's why we all get along so well! :D

Till the next post guys. Bye bye! :-h

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Brain Freeze

Hello guuuuuuyssssss! :D So how many days have I been gone? I have no idea lol :)) this is just an update to let you guys know I'm still alive just too tired to make a decent blog post but I'll be posting one later so stay tuned for that :D

Thanks for reading my blog! If I could give you a hug I would but for the meantime, here you go: >:D< *le virtual hug*

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Humans please refrain from doing these things...

Okay so early this morning I encountered this person (not gonna name-drop because I don't know him and I don't want his name put on my blog for security and privacy reasons -__-) who told me off of something which really irritated and pissed me of like ohmygosh why do you even bother walking up to me just to tell me off when I'm not even doing anything to you??! I don't even know who you are!! I can't post the full story here guys because someone might see this and report me to that guy pshh whatever :P however, I'm over that incident anyway because his attempts failed and I won at the end whoo! 8-} you can't win over someone who's standing up for what's right lol :)) in this case, I'm the one standing on that right :> so blah blah blah long story short what happened earlier today made me think of writing this blog post so here you go guys and girls and babies and pets and everyone in this world :D
What people should not be doing ever ever ever:
  1. When you see someone eating, don't stare at them. It is very uncomfortable and creepy in all possible ways.
  2. Don't just randomly snag or snatch food from someone. This is very annoying and has happened to me several times before. ~X( 
  3. Don't correct people for their mistakes in public. They might say thank you to you after pointing them out but deep down, they really wanna smack you in the face with a guitar. 8->
  4. Keep away from playing with a girl's hair. We're not dolls and we spent the time of our lives combing and combing away to get it straight and perfect. 8-|
  5. Never laugh loudly in front of someone's face. It is extremely annoying and also you have no idea how your mouth smells like so no but yes to laughing moderately. 
  6. Never compliment someone and then take it back after they say thanks.
  7. Never take someone's cell phone without their permission even if you're just borrowing it. Prick you man everyone's got private stuff in there.
  8. Don't drain the battery while playing games on someone else's phone. Why you unmindful little poop. :-q
  9. Don't constantly borrow stuff from others even if they say it's okay. Truth is, they're not really okay with it.
  10. After using someone else's belonging, don't just leave it lying somewhere. Lazy ass! X(
  11. When using other's cell phone, KEEP AWAY FROM checking their gallery and worse of all their inbox! Will you stop being a meddler? Nobody likes a busybody. -__-
  12. When using someone else's cologne/perfume, refrain from spraying on yourself too much. Remember, it's NOT your perfume.
  13. When a person's using a laptop or PC, don't stand or sit behind them and watch them surfing the net. Stop being annoying and a creeper!! X(
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Cerealicious so delicious

@Cerealicious cafe in BF Resort :)

I didn't have time to blog about this yesterday as I was too tired from our gala but nonetheless, here it is! :D Right after school, my cousin Ate Leona and our childhood friend Ate Karen picked me up from school and the first place we headed off to is KFC to have lunch there as I was still on my Flavor Shots craving spree so I begged them to have lunch with me at KFC as I badly wanted to order the flavor shots again lol :)) After we ate lunch, we went to BF village to order from Cerealicious to serve as our dessert as we have not treat ourselves to cereal goodness since ages! The last time we visited Cerealicious was *I think*, 2-3 years ago :-O for those of you who don't know:

"Cerealicious is a cereal bar in the Philippines serving it's now famous cereal bowl concoctions more known as Blockbusters - a merry mix of all-time favorite cereals, fruit and chocolate toppings, and the proprietary Cerealicious Snow Milk. These combos can be customized according to the customer's preferences bringing delight to people young and old." (visit their website for more info here)
The first time I tried Cerealicious was back in 2008 (or was it 2009? can't remember :P) and I ordered their pancakes that time plus they gave me a cute Cerealicious badge which I wore around for a period of time until the pin broke and fell somewhere and now it's lost "-__- not gonna make this long.

Pictures!! :D

From top left to right: Pirates of the Cadbury-ean, Term-O-Nator Rise of the Cereals and Jumango :D
so yummy! :x brings a lot of memories lol :))
L-R: Me, Ate Leona & Ate Karen :) I love them so much! :x

What's your favorite Cerealicious blockbuster? Comment below and tell me why hehe :D

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