Monday, June 30, 2014

NCAA: Perpetual Altas vs. MAPUA

Note: there's a new blog post before this. :)
I may or may not have posted about this on my previous entries before but just in case you guys don't know, our whole class went to San Juan arena today to watch the NCAA live. I just Googled and it said that NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. To be honest, it's my first time to watch a national basketball game live in the Philippines and televised at the same time so I didn't know if it was gonna be fun or just deafening :| but all I can say is that I was uncomfortable and dizzy during our whole trip on the bus @-) the bus' air-freshener smells like an orange juice in a bad way it makes me wanna puke :-& good thing I didn't puke though whew! that would be messy [-(
Not gonna make this post wordy. Took a lot of photos but only a few selected will be posted here lol :)) enjoy.
Me, Giselle, Patrick, James and RM :)

Martina joins us hehe

James & Patrick :D

group selfie #1

group selfie #2

selfie!! :D

the game begins!

with my block-mates :)

class selfie :x


before the game 

4x :)

wacky xD


other supportive Perpetualites :D

describe this hahaha

we were given balloons and banners lol =))

with them :')


with Kim ehehe :x

This is how we roll \m/

ticket :D

game face on! >:)

#TeamAltas! woots :D

me & Leo hahaha :))

go Altas!

friends <3

aaaaaaaaaaaand.......we WON! :D congrats Altas! :-* =D>

but first..... :D

There are tons more pics on my iPad guys but these are the only ones that will be posted haha. Thanks for reading my blog and subscribing! :-* You guys are awesome! :x
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Zach's 1st Birthday Party

Sup guys? As I've said in my previous post, I'll be posting the pictures from my high-school friend's little brother's 1st birthday party. Whew that was mouthful. :))
This took place yesterday. After church, my mom got a text from my aunt saying that my cousin has already gave birth to a baby girl. I was happy and excited but also problematic at the same time because my Dad after knowing that my cousin already gave birth, said that we should go visit them at the hospital. I was like :O "Dad, I have a party to attend with my high-school friends later! 8-and my Dad was like "oh that's alright you can always see them whenever you want after all your friends live in the same area". My reaction: -_____- My Dad constantly urged me to go with them to visit my cousin at the hospital saying that if I don't go I would never see the place where I was born (my cousin gave birth in Amisola Hospital at Tondo and I was also born there 16 years ago. LOL :P). Long story short..........I didn't go. To be frank, there was no other reason for me to go there besides visiting my cousin and the baby. The baby wouldn't even be able to recognize me and I can always see her whenever my cousin attends a family occasion. Also, the reason why I didn't wanna miss out on the kid's birthday party is because me and my girl-friends haven't seen one another for a really long time and it's very rare for all of us to be together in the same place at the same time since we're all busy with our college life. So nope, def not gonna miss that =;
The birthday party was held at McDonald's just opposite St. Dominic College of Asia. Okay enough talking. Here are the pics:
Warning: Picture-heavy post ahead. Read at your own risk. >:)

Me and the birthday boy! So cute hihi :x
Grimace party hat lol =))
Food! :D
More foods! <:-P
Me and the girls! <3 L-R: Nath, Cha, Kim & Wendy :x
party guests 
blowing the candles time! =D>
Cars-themed cake
@SM Molino after buying the gift :)
our gift! :D
blurry lol :))
Dessert :x
mirror shot! :D
@SM Molino 
with Nathalie :-*
party tarpaulin 
L-R: Wendy, Kim & Czarina :)
I was posing here but then suddenly burst out laughing for idk what reason lol :P :))
a more proper one :)
I love my girls! <3

That's all for this post guys. I have another entry coming up so stay tuned for that.

*Hint: It's about basketball :)

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