Friday, September 19, 2014

Spreading the happy vibes from Prosperitea

where: Prosperitea Pamplona
shot by Jvee Villena thanks ;)

If you're wondering why I'm up blogging at such an unearthly hour is because news came in and ta-dah! Classes are suspended in all levels in Metro Manila (and I only found out from texts I got when I was already on my way to school sooo yeah that's effort and cologne wasted 8-| ) so here I am typing away as I listen to the pitter-patter of the rain hitting the asphalt ground.

It's been 8 days since my last blog post so I ought to let you guys know that I'm still alive and breathin. Yesterday Team Sabaw and I (Team Soup in English that's what we call our circle because we use gravy as a substitute for soup when we eat geddit? :P) went to Prosperitea right after eating lunch at Chicboy (their breaded chicken was great btw) to just chill and unwind after a stressful week of midterms exam. It was my first time visiting the place and the moment I stepped into the quaint little cafe, I was greeted with a peaceful and calm ambiance. The plant shop next to them had a small garden full of vibrant green leaves and blossoming plants that stood just beside the cafe's glass window so you can look at it while you sip your tea. It was like a place where you'd go to if you want to get away from the world for a while and just spend some alone time with yourself. Also, bookworms will love this place because they actually have a mini bookshelf filled with old books if you're not the type who only goes to cafes for free WiFi like me lol :)) and yes they have free WiFi there for your researching or just plain web-surfing convenience. Plus, they have great taste in music too! They played some songs from Maroon 5, John Legend and The Script and the more music they play the more it will entice you to stay hahaha! =)) I swear I had a hard time leaving the place because of its cozy home-like feel. 

I was so enthralled by the place that I kept turning my head carefully studying their display from centerpieces to furniture setting. Their walls are also painted with cheery words that will turn your day into a happy one. The place itself was already stunning until we wandered off to the al fresco at the back of the cafe with the wall displaying several bygone monochromatic pictures. We spend most of our time there discussing stuff, talking about love-life and sharing stories. Needless to say, we had an unforgettable time and we swore we'd drop by again today if it weren't for the rain sucksss big time >:P

If you guys are looking for a place to unwind, think or just somewhere you can be peacefully alone then this is the place for you. The staff their are so kind and cheery to! :D

Thanks for reading and keep smiling :x 

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Now open! Joyce & James online shop

Do you guys still remember this: Blog Shop: SOON to open! :D's happening :) I told you guys before in my previous post that I'll be announcing when its Facebook page will be open publicly and ta-dah! it's finally open for you guys to see yay =D>

To visit their Facebook page just click here

Happy online shopping poppers! :D 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lucky 279

I don't know how you Poppers do it but I managed to stay on rank 279 after my immense lack of blogging! :O thank you thank you THANK YOU!! :x

I have great news in store for you guys but I can't tell you all about it for now. I'm suuuuuuupeeeer excited and I hope you guys are as well. In the meantime, I'll keep everything in suspense. \

God bless readers! and let's uhmm *ahem* make the digits on that teeny box on the upper right sidebar go up ;) hihi 

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Andrea's still alive

Hey everyone Andrea is feeling acutely unproductive today due to her lack of creativity lately and so she will indulge in some of her favorite foods in hopes of kindling a spark to write a nice decent blog post :))
Lol kidding guys it's me :D The title is true though I am still here! :) I'm so sorry I've been busy lately with school, events and personal crisis that I had no time to sit down open Blogger and type away yet here I am explaining myself as usual :[ Also I'm dealing with a blogging crisis and a bloggers-block at that! *pulls hair* but I'm still the optimistic me as I have good news to tell you guys soon so yay! :D
The pretty and bubble me <3 :)) 
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Monday, September 8, 2014

High school reunion with the girls & best-friend

Hey everyone! :-h so I haven't blogged for the longest time (again) and in a fortunate turn of events, I happen to be free right now and since I'm not doing anything I might as well update you guys on what's happening with my life recently so yay! :D
Sooo last Saturday (September 06, 2014) was my alma mater's intramural and my high-school friends and I had a discussion before graduation to attend any of our school's events and at the same time be able to catch up with one another and bond. We didn't take much pics of the event itself but instead took tons of selfies! hahaha :))
L-R: Ralph, Marjurie, Kim, Nath and I :) 

L-R: Jomar, Excel, Edieson, Joshua, Aaron, Arielle, Nath and yours truly :)

Oh and if you're wondering why the picture's quality looks unusually clearer than usual is because these are all taken from Nathalie's iPad mini because I couldn't bring mine due to charger failure #appleproblems :( but it's okay because I swear Apple's iPad mini has waaaay better camera standard than the iPad 2.

@school canteen

wackiest! :P

groupie! :D

We hung around mainly at the school canteen like we normally do when we were still studying there and talked about stuff casually making a joke entry every now and then like we always do hahaha :)) this is what I miss most about being in high-school. Some bonds just never get broken :) 

with Ariel! :D

fierce! :))

umm? :)

After the games ended, we went to Ariel's house to visit her son and our god-son Baby Ching! :D

he's soooooo big now and it's been long since we'd last seen him! what a cutie!! :x 

with Baby Ching & Nathalie <3 and yes my legs ARE that skinny :))

And then we went to Ralph's house afterwards to chill but didn't take any pic because we were so busy having fun and chattering. :)

Okay ending this post with this pic:

finally saw my Hombs! :D

hihi :')

Everyone meet my best-friend of 1 year! We barely see each other but when we get the chance, we make sure to spend the most out of it so thank you thank you to all my friends who spent their day with me. Iloveyou all guys and my dear readers! :x

I'm still alive YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! =D>

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Altas Girl

@Perps field.
Credits to the one & only: Kittine Mayo :x

I still got my cold guys :-S and I'm having a really bad day. Kinda upset about things right now. Not my day today :( Midterms are due next week soooo I'll be away for a while. But I'll be back as soon as exams are over :)

Thanks for reading poppers! God bless and drink plenty of water :-h
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Cold cold go away

Hey everyone :-h sorry for the lack of updates lately but don't you worry I have a reason why. Right now I'm on my way to the hospital because of my cold.

Boo cold. And I just found out that Hello Kitty isn't a cat gee. :( #childhoodruined

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog Shop: SOON to open! :D

Joyce & James online shop
Selling simple yet chic dresses and the latest gadgets at affordable prices.

Power-banks 5300mah for P350

5600 mah power-banks for only P450

A stylish and cool accessory to add to your outfit. Bracelet watch for only P350. Serves for 2 purposes so even if your watch breaks you can still wear it as a bracelet :)

Lacoste couple wristwatch for P400

Louis Vuitton bag for only P650

Kipling wallet for P370

These are just some of the many awesome stuff that are being sold at very reasonable prices. Also if you live around the area of Bacoor Cavite then you are in for a luck because interested buyers near the area will receive free shipping! :D To those residing in farther places no worries, our shipping fee comes at a low price but meet-ups are also available (will discuss more about this on the next post). Bear in mind that this online shop has a strict policy of pay as you order. Buyers who won't pay as they order will not be entertained.

Facebook page: SOON TO OPEN so stay tuned!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Laziest Blogger of the Year 2014

Most of the time when I'm about to blog or in the middle of blogging, I get this bloggers-block (I know I'm not the only one fellow Bloggers can relate to this) where I pause in the middle of my typing and just sit there and stare blankly at the screen trying to come up with the next line to add to the previous sentence 8-> after maybe say 5-10 minutes of just sitting there trying to think of what to write next, I click the close tab and end result I don't publish that post. This happens to me a lot of times. Blogging dilemmas 101 *sighs* :-<

So what I like to do to get my blogging gears up and running is to open my old blog and read old posts and hopefully inspire me to write new ones here. It works for me all the time and it's a good thing that my old blog hasn't been deleted by Blogger even after staying inactive for the last 2 years :)) #goodguyBlogger

I read a few of my posts from A Palette Full of Colors and Words (my old blog) and I found myself constantly smiling and resisting giggles on what the childish immature me has written :)) most of my blog posts there were irrelevant and needless to say the post title didn't even relate to the content! thank God I grew older now (not fully grown up tho :P) and realized the do's and don'ts of Blogging :)

this is me. every. single. night.

Can anyone else also relate to the gif above? :-h I think that being lazy is in my cell. It's everywhere! I have this weird feeling like my red-blood cells contain the words laziness with them and then my heart just pumps them to all my other body parts therefore causing me to be lazy I mean idk that was just a theory :-/ and yes it's also impossible but what more can I think of? or maybe I'm just naturally lazy. We all have our lazy hormones and mine just happens to be active and hyper (lol wuut?) all the time #scumbaglazyhormones

when you finally do something productive after a long lazy day of just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing
That feeling of pure joy and accomplishment when you finally do something meaningful and productive after a long lazy day =D> mine is always at night. I'm a procrastinator and everything I need to do at daytime is being done at night. Way to go Andrea! 8-} the amount of procrastinating cells in my body is extremely strong.

*drum-roll* and the Laziest Blogger of the Year award goes to......................Ms. Andrea Santos! =D> =D> =D>

And because I'm a lazy human being, I'll stop here. But not without a cute bunny gif. Here's one for you my dear readers:

Long live the procrastinators! \m/

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My hair is on treatment right now helpppp

Right now I'm sitting in front of my Dad's laptop writing this down because I have nothing to do to kill time so here I am blogging away ;;) my hair is currently on treatment (self-treatment because I can't afford those in the salon......yet. Poor me hahaha :))) right now because it's frizzier lately and not to mention the split-ends and fly-away, I gave it a good ol' pour of olive oil :D it seems to work like magic for me because I've been doing it 3 days in a row now and I can already see (and feel) the difference. My hair became softer and smoother and I'm actually quite impressed with the result that I feel the urge to pour olive oil in my hair every single day =)) maybe I'm becoming addicted to it lololol :P
I have to wait 30 mins for the oil to really sink in and absorb into my hair strands so blah blah blah I can take a bath (finally!) afterwards and then go back to blogging. But first...
Happy National Heroes' Day! =D>

No classes on a Monday (can you believe it on a MONDAY??!) wheeeeee! <:-P
Time is almost up. Bye for now :-*
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I will be an Editor-in-Chief

I watched The Devil Wears Prada today (and I have watched it several times before in my life) and it reminded me one of the reasons why I'm in the course I'm in right now. The idea of writing, criticizing, doing reviews and editing have always fascinated me so when I watched the movie again for the first time today, it suddenly hit me in the head and I found myself saying "this is what I want to be doing years from now.." 8-> I've always fantasized having my own big office, assistants to run errands for me and personnel working for me while I sit cozily at my turquoise swivel chair reading magazines (not to mention my desktop computer open with Blogger at the first tab then Facebook and Twitter follows respectively) as I sip through my Starbucks strawberry creme frappe B-) thinking about my dream job in the future is actually healthy for me. Besides the thought being an inspiration, it also serves as a motivation for me to do well in my studies right now. I'm a self-proclaimed ambitious kind of person. If I want something, I know right away that I have to work hard for it.

Anyways, I can't wait till I have my own office. But first things first I gotta study well, push harder and then by God's will graduate with high achievements amen :)

One last gif for you guys:

Thanks for reading! And remember to always do your best. Reward will be waiting for you at the end ;)

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Friday, August 22, 2014

10 Things I learned from Miss Congeniality

Do you guys still remember this? :)

I remember when I was younger I watched this film and back then I didn't really understand the whole plot of the movie and forgot all about it till now. I was searching various webpages to find good movies to watch and then all of a sudden Miss Congeniality flashbacks in my mind so I quickly went ahead to watch it. After finishing the whole movie, all I can say is wooow :-O now that I'm older (I'm only 16 tho!! :P) I finally comprehend the story.

It taught me a lot of things. A lot which you can apply in real life and can be used to serve as a lesson. So I jot down the 10 things I learned from Miss Congeniality:

  1. It's okay to defend others. To stand up for others is a brave thing to do and not many people are capable of doing the right thing so if you're one of the people who can defend others by standing up for them then keep doing that.
  2. You don't have to listen all the time. That's right, you don't have to listen to people all the time even if they're all saying the same thing. Sometimes it's best to go with your guts and follow your instincts. 
  3. Never underestimate your potential. What you are right now isn't even the supreme you yet. Meaning to say there are hundreds of ways you are competent of doing before reaching your fullest potential because getting to your fullest potential means that you are constantly improving yourself until you attain the very best that you can be ;)
  4. Don't trust easily. It's natural for us to trust people we're surrounded with on a daily basis but trusting too much can kill. Literally it does so be careful who you're trusting. Just because someone's been around in your life for a period of time doesn't mean they are trustworthy :>
  5. Don't try to change into someone you're not. At the end of the day you're still you so don't stress yourself into changing to someone you're not because it's always better to be liked for who you are than for someone you're not.
  6. Let your hair down every now & then. Life wasn't created for you to wake up everyday and stress about the temporary problems. Live a little and enjoy every now and then. Reward yourself after accomplishing certain tasks. This will help you perform better next time. :D 
  7. Follow your head........and your guts........and your instincts. Most of the time if you feel like you're on the right track then you probably are. 
  8. The suspect is always the one whom you never suspected. Yep, you read that right :P
  9. You fall in love unexpectedly with someone you've been around with for awhile now. I can't even *breathes deeply* :x
  10. You will become friends with the most unlikely persons you never thought you'd see yourself hanging around with. That's the best part about having friends. All unique and different in ways but somehow you still got each other's back. 
One last gif before I end this post:

I just love love love this scene lol :)) it might be one of my favorite parts in the movie hahaha! =D> you go Sandra Bullock! :-*

Hope you all learned something from today's post. Thanks for reading! :D

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make-up transformation Part 2

Kathryn Bernardo transformation this time hahaha! :))

Made a second make-up transformation just last night. My friends kept telling me how they liked my Julia Barretto transformation (see previous post) and one of them suggested I try Kathryn so I did :D it was challenging and hard I admit as I only had very limited make-up, also I only had one brush! I kept it soft anyhow as I didn't have a choice. It's a good thing I found a black & white photo of here lol thanks Google :P
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Make-up Transformation?

Okay so it's been the buzz all over the social media these days and thought it was hilarious yet enjoyable at the same time looking at the photos. I thought of doing it as well but was reluctant at first because I didn't have the time until after looking at a few more posts I  finally decided to do my own make-up transformation :D
me transforming into local teen star Julia Barretto :)

It was crazy but why not right? :D I posted this pic in Twitter a few days back and fan accounts of Julia Barretto actually re-tweeted and faved it lol :)) thanks guys! It was hard to duplicate her gorgeous nose-bridge but overall I think I did okay. Not that bad right?

Lemme know what you guys think through the comment box ;)
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Kamaskom General Assembly '14

As a communication arts student, I am obliged to participate in social events. That's one our tasks being students in the field of media. The University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD) Las Pinas had their annual Kamaskom General Assembly last August 11 where all mass communications student showcased their talent in acting, singing, dancing, modeling and many more. It was an astounding night of entertainment and fun for everyone.
Our class's performance consists of dancing to Beyonce's Run the World, acoustic jamming as well as me singing one of my favorite songs Sunday Morning by my ultimate favorite band of all time ever Maroon 5! :D 
Sunday Morning rain is fallin~
Photo courtesy: Kittine Mayo

All freshman students was required to wear all-black as each classes wore different colors corresponding to their year. It's a good thing we brought some of the clothes I used to wear when performing back in Brunei. The black dress I wore here was still packed in our luggage along with some of my other dresses and I had just taken it out the night before lol :))

Credits to Kittine for this. Me with my classmates during the event :)

Tropang Sabaw with Alyssa! :D L-R: Leo, JV, Renzo, Alyssa, RM, James, Patrick & I

Photo by Kittine

Everyone was rushing to get dressed and made up before the assembly starts and it was a hassle as we had classes that day so we had no choice but to bring the clothes with us hence the number of paper bags in the above photo hahaha! =))

My make-up artist for that night Anne! :x she did a great job making me look like a runway model hihi :')

I'm not very good with fixing myself before an event especially not when it's rushed so I asked my classmate Anne if she could do my make-up and she willingly said yes! I'm very happy with the result as you can see she did an awesome job making me look like a star for the night :D Moreover, I trust her make-up skills more than anyone else because I've seen her put make-up on herself like a pro before. Awesome right? ;) Thank you again for the nth time Anne!

with Nikka :)

Alyssa and myself :)

I really wanna give thanks to Kittine for all the photos huhu it's hard being a photographer cause she needs to run around while taking photos of the event so thank you Kittine! I love you and you know that hehe :-*

More pictures of me:

close-up shot of me :D

Before I end this post I just wanna say how much fun I had performing with you guys and it's a privilege to sing on that stage for the first time. Looking forward to more performances in the future amen! O:-) a remarkable night indeed :)

Thanks for reading poppers! I love you alll! :x

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