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Have You Ever Been Taken for Granted?

Have you ever been taken for granted? What did you feel and how did you cope with it?

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They say chivalry is dead but my blog sure ain't!

If you lol'ed at my post title- you the real MVP :))
HI GUYSSSSSSSSS :D This is just a short update- or announcement rather- to let you all know that I'm still alive and so is my blog. I know…

Mujer Triple Whitening Soap Review

Before I write a lengthy sorry-I've-been-missing-in-action-for-a-month note, let me share with you a new product that I'm going gaga over...

Queen Jaw Popper is now on YouTube!

Hey Poppers!

So my exciting news I've been wanting to tell you guys is that.............I'm now on YouTube! I've always wanted to make videos but nothing really pushed me to do so- well, …

Saxxie Shoppe Review

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging lately as I've been busy brainstorming this past couple of weeks for a new project (which I will announce very very soon) but hey, I'm back for another beaut…

Anouk Natural Skincare Review

Hi poppers! :-h It's time for another review and today's loot of organic goodies is from Anouk Natural Skincare! :D

The Glowing Skin: Body Whitening Starter Set Review

Ta-dah! My long-awaited and long overdue set review is finally here. Introducing The Glowing Skin's Body Whitening Starter Set- let's dive right into the review shall we?